Sunday, 1 July 2012

Whats In My bag ????

So I was asked to do a "Whats in my bag", blog which happens to be a firm favourite amongst bloggers!  So here it goes...

 So I've been using this one recently the most, its from Paul Boutique which my besties got me for my birthday last October. It's absolutely huge, much bigger than my other Paul boutique bag, which was hard to believe! You wouldn't believe how much stuff you can fit in this bad boy! (I dunno if its a good thing or a bit of a hindrance :P)

So here's what I always carry around with me pretty much all the time! The bag is kinda empty at the mo!

My Purse:

So I never leave the house without my purse (no surprise there!). I'm using this River Island one at the moment which my friend got me as a Kris Kindle present. I mainly just use it to keep my bank cards, ID and many many many loyalty cards in!  Nothing really special or surprising here!

My Orange Marc Jacobs Bag:
Next is my lil orange magical bag of tricks!!! I keep some of my medication in this lil bag. I need to keep this on me all the times. Seems like a lot eh? I suffer with an autoimmune disease called Crohn's disease and its not very pleasant to live it, so I just need these on me to try keep it under control :)

The Filofax:
Next is my Pink Filofax. This personal organizer keeps my entire life on track!  God I wouldn't like to see my life without it! NO LIE Its great for keeping all my college assignments and work due dates in, also for my hospital appointments and tests! Its also great for lil things like budgeting and just generally keeping my life running as smoothly as possible. Bit of a scatter brain at the best of times to be honest.

Keys and Savings:
So I always have my bunch of keys with me which contains my car and house key and a random bunch of ancient key rings I've had since I was around 10! Also I have my credit union account book in my bag, I never really carry this around with me, but I'm making a special effort to save as I'm going away on my Summer holidays in August and back to college in September, trying to build up the funds!!!!

Make Up and Jewellery:
Nowadays I generally don't tend to take a lot of make-up out with me!  I used to always take everything and more with me on a night out and NEVER ever reached for it, the only thing that happened was it would smash or spill all my bag, which only leads to a sad Zowie :( So now I only really bring the bare essentials for the day, which is generally just the lipstick I'm wearing for touch ups! In my bag at the moment I'm carrying around MAC's Angel lipstick, its a pinky-nude colour which suits my pale skin tone. I also have various jewellery in my bag, which I tend to throw into after a night out cause I hate sleeping in it.

So thats basically whats in my bag!!! Hahaha theres nothing out of this world or special in it to be honest!  I hope it wasn't too boring!  I was asked to do it so there ya go! So yeaaaaaaah buddy!

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