Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Hey All,

So its been an era and a half and I apologise for it! I've just finished my undergraduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology and it was hell of a year! It consumed my entire life (literally). So I wanted to keep blogging and updating.

So I was hmmming and hawing over whether to continue on this site or not, and I've decided that I'm going to continue over on a new blog page! its under construction as we speak, but I hope you guys all add me over on it!

I think starting a fresh is the best answer as I want to explore new things and what not!


Add me.... it should be up and running in a few days!!

Thanks for all the mails over the past year!!!!

Zow x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

General Life Update

Soooooooooo................. I've been a really bad bad blogger recently!!!!
To be honest, theres been alot going on and major changes to my life, and I haven't really had a chance to blog!
However I promise from now on, I will try to blog much more regularly! I've so many blogs to put up, many more ideas! So bare with me.

I just thought I would bring you guys up to speed of whats been going on in my life.....
  • Started a strict new low fodmap diet in order to try get my Crohns symptoms undercontrol
  • Went away on holliers to Kusadasi in Turkey for a fornight
  • Been sorting out college so I return tomorrow to finish my final year in Medicinal Chemistry
So yeah, I've been preoccupied but I'm now baaaaaaack :)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Haul #2: Yankee Candle Noob

So whilst on a trip to Swords with the Mum and Nan set on a mission to get wallpaper and paint..... I ended up coming home instead with some Yankee Candle goodies!!!

I was in Homestore & More and for this month, all their Yankee candle range is on half-price!!! I have never ever bought a Yankee candle product before but my friend is obsessed with them, so I thought I would get a few to see what the hype was about! As I never had one I decided to pick up a few wax tarts for 75c each (how could I pass that up), to see sample a few different scents before investing in a large jar candle! 

So I picked up four wax tarts in Baby Powder, Vanilla Satin, Mango Peach Salsa and Vanilla Lime.

Bargain Yeah???? But the plot thickens.... as a Yankee candle noob, I just picked these up thinking they were cute little candles but when I got home my sister laughed at me. I didn't realise that infact they weren't candles at all but scented wax that needed a burner to work!!! I was gutted that I couldn't try one out straight away! So I went and bought a burner for 9e in B&Q. The burner is actually really nice and fits right in with my room.

So far I've only burned the Baby Powder Wax Tart, it took around 10 minutes for the tart to melt into a liquid. The room smelled lovely all day, I love the smell of baby talc. I'm so excited to try the rest of the tarts out!!!
Baby Powder Tart melted and burning bright
Q. What is your favourite Yankee Candle Scent????

Haul #1: Mini Impulsive Buys

Hey all,

So, I thought I would do a mini-haul blog, I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new this week because I'm trying to save a few coppers for my holidays which is in 6 weeks now HOORAY!!! but as you can see it didn't work as well as I had hoped :P but I wasn't too bold as you will see... So lets begin...

Ed Hardy's Love and Luck Perfume by Christian Audigier:
So technically I didn't buy this perfume (SCORE) but was a gift from America. I was never the biggest Ed Hardy fan before, my sister had the Born Wild perfume and I hated it, it just wasn't me at all, but to my surprise I really like this one. Its not what I typically would go for, I love sweet smelling scents and this is definitely not sweet.  Its kind hard to describe, I would say its a fruity citrus floral smelling scent.  Its really refreshing and not too strong, nice for the summer.  I would definitely use this during the day!!!

No7's Natural Blush Cheek Colour:
So I picked up this blush in the shade Candy Pink the other day in my local chemist which was reduced to a fiver and its retailing at 13e in Boots at the moment, how could I say No?  Its a bright pink colour which a great colour pay-off, its quite pigmented! Its quite a bold colour but I love it! It reminds me of MAC's powder blush in Dollymix.  Possible dupe I hope so!! I haven't used this yet so I'll get back to you's on it!

Rimmel London's Waterproof Gel Eyeliner:
Eyeliner is a must in my books when it comes to finishing off a look! So I seen on my merry way that Rimmel have just released a NEW waterproof gel eyeliner and its on special at the moment for 5.95e (normally 7.95e). I'm currently in the transition from using liquid liner to gel liner! (Its so much easier putting on liquid).  My all-time favourite eyeliner has been Rimmels Exaggerate liquid liner, so I've high hopes for this one. Its very cute, its only small with a small brush built into the lid of it, the brush doesn't look the best but looks can be deceiving!!!! So who knows?? I'm going to do an eyeliner review on this soon after using it so stay put! 

Redken's All Soft Velvet Whip:
So my final buy of the week was Redken's All Soft Velvet Whip. Rumour has it that this gem of a hair product it being discontinued!!! So I had to rush out and see if I could get my hands on one!  I've used this product for years after my hairdresser recommended it for my poor over-processed hair. My hair is never is good nic, due to my poor health and hair straightners. This is kinda a leave in conditioner, with thermal protection properties.  It keeps my my hair feeling super soft and shiny!!! A little product goes a long way. I'm gutted that this product is going to be gone soon!

Q. What was your last impulsive buy???  

Much Love

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My One Month Nail Challenge

So I've set myself a little challenge, here it goes! As you can see from the picture below, I've ridiculously short horrible stubby little nails! Haha I've bitten them for as long as I can remember and never ever had long nails.
Due to the lack of nail-a-ture, I very rarely wear nail polish cause it just emphasizes how bad they really are!

 So I've decided to TRY not bite them for the next month and see if they actually can grow(cause they only ever seem to get shorter). I'm really going to try but I do it subconsiously now so it may not work out! But I'm going to give it socks!  I plan to update my blog each week with a progress report!

Q. Any tips for breaking the habit???

Wish me luck!!!!!
 Love Zobo

Whats In My bag ????

So I was asked to do a "Whats in my bag", blog which happens to be a firm favourite amongst bloggers!  So here it goes...

 So I've been using this one recently the most, its from Paul Boutique which my besties got me for my birthday last October. It's absolutely huge, much bigger than my other Paul boutique bag, which was hard to believe! You wouldn't believe how much stuff you can fit in this bad boy! (I dunno if its a good thing or a bit of a hindrance :P)

So here's what I always carry around with me pretty much all the time! The bag is kinda empty at the mo!

My Purse:

So I never leave the house without my purse (no surprise there!). I'm using this River Island one at the moment which my friend got me as a Kris Kindle present. I mainly just use it to keep my bank cards, ID and many many many loyalty cards in!  Nothing really special or surprising here!

My Orange Marc Jacobs Bag:
Next is my lil orange magical bag of tricks!!! I keep some of my medication in this lil bag. I need to keep this on me all the times. Seems like a lot eh? I suffer with an autoimmune disease called Crohn's disease and its not very pleasant to live it, so I just need these on me to try keep it under control :)

The Filofax:
Next is my Pink Filofax. This personal organizer keeps my entire life on track!  God I wouldn't like to see my life without it! NO LIE Its great for keeping all my college assignments and work due dates in, also for my hospital appointments and tests! Its also great for lil things like budgeting and just generally keeping my life running as smoothly as possible. Bit of a scatter brain at the best of times to be honest.

Keys and Savings:
So I always have my bunch of keys with me which contains my car and house key and a random bunch of ancient key rings I've had since I was around 10! Also I have my credit union account book in my bag, I never really carry this around with me, but I'm making a special effort to save as I'm going away on my Summer holidays in August and back to college in September, trying to build up the funds!!!!

Make Up and Jewellery:
Nowadays I generally don't tend to take a lot of make-up out with me!  I used to always take everything and more with me on a night out and NEVER ever reached for it, the only thing that happened was it would smash or spill all my bag, which only leads to a sad Zowie :( So now I only really bring the bare essentials for the day, which is generally just the lipstick I'm wearing for touch ups! In my bag at the moment I'm carrying around MAC's Angel lipstick, its a pinky-nude colour which suits my pale skin tone. I also have various jewellery in my bag, which I tend to throw into after a night out cause I hate sleeping in it.

So thats basically whats in my bag!!! Hahaha theres nothing out of this world or special in it to be honest!  I hope it wasn't too boring!  I was asked to do it so there ya go! So yeaaaaaaah buddy!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

MAC 'Haute and Naughty Lash' Mascara

Okay, so I'm a big sucker for big lashes.  A good mascara is a beauty product I definitely couldn't do without. Most of the time, I just don't have the time to do a full on beauty regime, so generally a lick of mascara and I'm on my merry way :)

I've always been a firm fan of Max Factors' False Lash Effect (and I still am), but lately I've found a new mascara which I think rivals it!!!! (YES I just say that!)

(Left): Little brush [Lengthing]                (Right): Big brush [Volumizing]

I was introduced to Mac's Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara back in February and I haven't been able to put it down ever since.  Its by far the best mascara I've ever used. I never ever splurged out on a mascara before because I think there are plenty great cheaper drugstore ones, but I was convinced to get this and I'm so glad I did, and I think its definitely worth the extra few euro's.  Its £18 but I think I paid 23 euro for it. Its a two in one mascara, with the small brush aimed at lengthening lashes and the big brush used for adding volume.  I find the mascara gives me a fuller set of lashes without clumping.  People have even asked me was I wearing fake lashes when I wasn't.  What I also like about this mascara is, you can tailor your look with it! You can get a natural look with adding just one layer or two, but you can keep adding layers for a more dramatic effect!  The choice is yours!

Before (No Mascara, didn't curl my lashes either)

Big difference?? No???

So what do you guys thinks? Huh?


Q. So whats your favourite Mascara?