Sunday, 8 July 2012

Haul #2: Yankee Candle Noob

So whilst on a trip to Swords with the Mum and Nan set on a mission to get wallpaper and paint..... I ended up coming home instead with some Yankee Candle goodies!!!

I was in Homestore & More and for this month, all their Yankee candle range is on half-price!!! I have never ever bought a Yankee candle product before but my friend is obsessed with them, so I thought I would get a few to see what the hype was about! As I never had one I decided to pick up a few wax tarts for 75c each (how could I pass that up), to see sample a few different scents before investing in a large jar candle! 

So I picked up four wax tarts in Baby Powder, Vanilla Satin, Mango Peach Salsa and Vanilla Lime.

Bargain Yeah???? But the plot thickens.... as a Yankee candle noob, I just picked these up thinking they were cute little candles but when I got home my sister laughed at me. I didn't realise that infact they weren't candles at all but scented wax that needed a burner to work!!! I was gutted that I couldn't try one out straight away! So I went and bought a burner for 9e in B&Q. The burner is actually really nice and fits right in with my room.

So far I've only burned the Baby Powder Wax Tart, it took around 10 minutes for the tart to melt into a liquid. The room smelled lovely all day, I love the smell of baby talc. I'm so excited to try the rest of the tarts out!!!
Baby Powder Tart melted and burning bright
Q. What is your favourite Yankee Candle Scent????

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  1. i love yankee candles! my fav scent is probably tahitian tiare flower... it's gorgeous!!