Sunday, 8 July 2012

Haul #1: Mini Impulsive Buys

Hey all,

So, I thought I would do a mini-haul blog, I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new this week because I'm trying to save a few coppers for my holidays which is in 6 weeks now HOORAY!!! but as you can see it didn't work as well as I had hoped :P but I wasn't too bold as you will see... So lets begin...

Ed Hardy's Love and Luck Perfume by Christian Audigier:
So technically I didn't buy this perfume (SCORE) but was a gift from America. I was never the biggest Ed Hardy fan before, my sister had the Born Wild perfume and I hated it, it just wasn't me at all, but to my surprise I really like this one. Its not what I typically would go for, I love sweet smelling scents and this is definitely not sweet.  Its kind hard to describe, I would say its a fruity citrus floral smelling scent.  Its really refreshing and not too strong, nice for the summer.  I would definitely use this during the day!!!

No7's Natural Blush Cheek Colour:
So I picked up this blush in the shade Candy Pink the other day in my local chemist which was reduced to a fiver and its retailing at 13e in Boots at the moment, how could I say No?  Its a bright pink colour which a great colour pay-off, its quite pigmented! Its quite a bold colour but I love it! It reminds me of MAC's powder blush in Dollymix.  Possible dupe I hope so!! I haven't used this yet so I'll get back to you's on it!

Rimmel London's Waterproof Gel Eyeliner:
Eyeliner is a must in my books when it comes to finishing off a look! So I seen on my merry way that Rimmel have just released a NEW waterproof gel eyeliner and its on special at the moment for 5.95e (normally 7.95e). I'm currently in the transition from using liquid liner to gel liner! (Its so much easier putting on liquid).  My all-time favourite eyeliner has been Rimmels Exaggerate liquid liner, so I've high hopes for this one. Its very cute, its only small with a small brush built into the lid of it, the brush doesn't look the best but looks can be deceiving!!!! So who knows?? I'm going to do an eyeliner review on this soon after using it so stay put! 

Redken's All Soft Velvet Whip:
So my final buy of the week was Redken's All Soft Velvet Whip. Rumour has it that this gem of a hair product it being discontinued!!! So I had to rush out and see if I could get my hands on one!  I've used this product for years after my hairdresser recommended it for my poor over-processed hair. My hair is never is good nic, due to my poor health and hair straightners. This is kinda a leave in conditioner, with thermal protection properties.  It keeps my my hair feeling super soft and shiny!!! A little product goes a long way. I'm gutted that this product is going to be gone soon!

Q. What was your last impulsive buy???  

Much Love


  1. I'd be interested to try that new Rimmel gel eyeliner. I tried one of their liquid liners once but the applicator wasn't the best and the formula stung my eyes :/ The blush looks like a gorgeous bright pink :)

  2. I'm going to do a review on it soon! Em I tried out the eyeliner last night, just before I went to the cinema, it by no means was waterproof, because when I got home it was all in the crease of my eye and I have really dry skin! So I really don't like it! Maybelline do a real nice gel liner, I really don't want to use the Rimmel one again, cause it didn't last at all and made me look like a clown by the end of the night! But I'm going to try it out once more just to be sure!!!

    Thanks for the comment!!!
    Your blog is real nice!
    Zow x