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Urban Decay 'Build Your Own Palette' Review

So as a major Urban Decay eyeshadow fanatic, when they released a customizable palette I just had to get it!!!!  Urban Decay have re-released their single eyeshadow, they now come in 68 amazing shades with five different finishes (Duotone, matte, satin, shimmer and sparkle) and have been reformulated for better overall quality.  To be honest, I never seen a problem with the old version of the eyeshadows, but in Urban Decay we trust.

I was a bit weary of buying the palette at first as many bloggers commented on how expensive they were, but when I seen that I could buy shades from the old 'book of shadows' palettes (in peticular bordello and last call)  that was the deal breaker for me.

So I popped along to Debenhams the other day and picked up the' build your own' palette.  The palette is retailing  at 17 euro (but I got it for 15 as there was a discount on all beauty products that day).   The packaging of the palette is extremely stylish and sturdy (very like the naked2 packaging) to keep the eyeshadows safe from smashing in your handbag.  On the inside, the palette comes complete with one exclusive eyeshadow "Walk of Shame", a mini karma shadow brush, a big mirror and five other empty spaces, where your can add your own Urban Decay eyeshadows.

The packaging
Inside the palette
So now it was time to start filling the palette.  The eyeshadows themselves come in their own chrome pot, unlike MAC shadows designed for palettes. This idea is pretty nifty as the shadows can be popped out of their packaging, and placed in the palette, then if you change your mind, you can pop the shadow back into their original chrome packaging and carry them around as singles. 

NOTE: As you can see from my photos, I tried to pop them out the WRONG way and ended up scratching the shadows, which happened down to sheer excitement, they can be easily popped out by pressing the back of the eyeshadow forward and not prized out by using any blunt object which happened to be next to you.

The eyeshadow removed from the pot
So my next job was to pick the shades that I wanted to put in my palette, which is much harder than you think! So many colours, so little places! I decided as I already have the naked palettes, to veer away from the browns and maybe start collecting some more pinky shades! I remember getting my sister the "Book of Shadows III: NYC" palette for Christmas a few years, and I fell in love with the colours in it, especially a shade called 'Bordello' and 'Last call'..... much to my dismay she managed to lose the palette and when i went to buy one, they were retired and I was gutted, so when I went to the shop I seen they they had released shades from retired palettes I had to get them! 

The Colours

So I ended up filling my palette with Walk Of Shame, Freelove, Scratch, Bordello and Last Call with one space left to fill.

Walk Of Shame soft pinkish-peach matte

Freelove golden vibrant peach
Scratch rose gold
Bordello pale mauve w/ gold microglitter
Last Call metallic sugar plum

The overall quality of the eyeshadows are amazing, they are highly pigmented with a great colour pay-off, I swatched the colours so you could see for yourselves!

No Flash (L-R): Walk Of Shame, Freelove, Scratch, Bordello and Last Call
With Flash (L-R): Walk Of Shame, Freelove, Scratch, Bordello and Last Call
The Bottom Line
Over all I can't fault the eyeshadows, the fulfilled my expectations and so much more!  The only downside is that there are only 6 spaces in the palette and if I was to buy another one, I would have two "walk of shame" shadows. I found that the karma brush wasn't as good as the one that came with the naked palette but thats all I can fault. Many people think that it is very expensive retailing at 17e for each eyeshadow (17 x 6 = 102e) and 102e to buy and fill the palette.  Yes you could buy the pre-made palettes for half the price and twice as many eyeshadows, but my arguement against that is.... you pick each shadow in the palette, therefore you would use them all!!! I know no matter how much I love the book of shadows palettes, there are always a few colours I never use! Plus the eyeshadows are huge in comparison to the shadows in the pre-made palettes (at least double the quantity).  I know for sure, even when my palette is full, I will carry on and continue to buy the singles cause they are just amazing!!!

Q. So whats your favorite shade???? what last colour should I get to finish off my palette???

Much love,

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