Sunday, 10 June 2012

Revlon "Colour Bomb" Review

Just thought I would do a real quick review.  I get bored very easily with my hair colour so lately I've been using Revlons "Nutri Colour Creme 3 in 1" bombs (I have 3 colours so far). They are really good for people who have damaged hair like myself but like to change their colour or keep it fresh.  These bombs satisfy my cravings for colour change without having great consequences on my poor hair. The colours aren't permanent but fade nicely after a couple of washes.  The colours have a 3 in 1 system which means that it, refreshes colour, gives a lovely gloss and shine to your hair!  After using these my hair feels silky smooth and looks like I've just got my hair coloured in the hairdressers from the shine and gloss on my hair! 

So today in spirit of the European Cup with Ireland playing tonight, I decided to put Copper (740) in my hair. The colours come in a bomb shape with a pump or in a tube like below, I would defientely recommend buying the bomb as its easier to monitor how much dye your using and also its much better value for money with 12 applications versus just 4 in the tube.  The reason I bought the tube is because they didn't have the bomb in Copper.

My hair is a medium brown, so I didn't expect drastic changes, they do give a lovely natural hint of the colour to dark hair.  On lighter hair colours, they come out MUCH more vibrant. Also in natural light the colour also becomes a lot more vibrant than in doors.  In my hair they give it a multi-toned look.
Medium Brown
After..  Ta Da..
This was my first time using this colour I normally use Marron (513) or Fire Red (600).  I think these are great to put in for a night out on the town just to freshen up your hair!!!!

If I wanted to keep my hair this colour, I would put it in maybe once every 2 weeks!!! They are really easy to use and only takes 5 minutes!  If you got the bomb shape, you can get 11-14 applications from it depending on hair length, and retail at 11.99e in Sallys Hair supplies (with Trade card) or 20e (with no trade card). Bargain or what????

Q.  So whats your favourite Hair Colour Products???


  1. great result :) looks so good on you and you're so pretty, dear!


  2. Thanks :D!!!!!!!

    Ps. I love your blog, your style is way cute x

  3. Hi! :) I was wondering if you could help me , I've been looking for information on the red colours and I was wondering if this colour is more on the red or the on the orange side. I have copper hair and want to try this to revive the colour but I'm trying to avoid a red tint. On the package it looks red and in most of the pictures too. But I cant be sure because on others its looks more orange. Do you think this is more a reddish colour or a orange-y one?